By Name
Disney Names E - L
Ed The Lion King
Eddie Valiant Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Balthazar AristocatsEdna
The Incredibles
Eeyore Winnie the Pooh
Eilonwy The Black
Elastigirl The Incredibles
Emile Ratatouille
Esmeralda Hunchback of
Notre Dame
Eve Wall-E
Fairy Godmother
Father Mouse Robin Hood
Fauna Sleeping Beauty
Fflewddur Fflan The Black
Figaro Pinocchio
Fillmore Cars
Fish Out of Water
Chicken Little
Flik A Bug's Life
Flit Pocahontas
Flo Finding Nemo
Flora Sleeping Beauty
Flotsam The Little
Flounder The Little
Flow CarsFowlfellow The Fox Pinocchio
Foxy Loxy Chicken Little
Fozone The Incredibles
Francis A Bug's Life
Freckles 101 Dalmations
Frou Frou Aristocats
Fungus Monsters Inc.
Gaston Beauty and the
Genie Aladdin
George Darling Peter Pan
George Sanderson
Monsters Inc.
Georges Hautecourt
Geppetto Pinocchio
Gideon the Cat Pinocchio
Goob Meet the Robinsons
Goofy Mickey Mouse
Goosey Loosey Chicken
Gopher Winnie the Pooh
Governor Ratcliffe
Grandmother Willow
Grey Brother Jungle Book
Grimsby The Little
Grumpy Snow White
Guivo Cars
Gurgie The Black Couldron
Gypsy A Bug's Life

Hades Hercules
Hamm Toy Story
Happy Snow White
Hector Barbossa Pirates
of the Caribbean
Heimlich A Bug's Life
Hera Hercules
Hercules Hercules
Hermes Hercules
Hit Cat Aristocats
Hopper A Bug's Life
Horace 101 dalmations
Horace Horsecollar
Mickey Mouse Universe
Hugo Hunchback of Notre
Humbert the Huntsman
Snow White
Iago Aladdin
Jack Jack The Incredibles
Jack Sparrow Pirates of
the Caribbean
Jafar Aladdin
James Norrington Pirates
of the Caribbean
Jane Mary Poppins
Jane Tarzan
Jaq Cinderella
Jaq Finding Nemo
Jasper 101 Dalmatians
Jessica Rabbit Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
Jessie Toy Story
Jetsam The Little Mermaid
Jim Dear Lady and the
Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio
Jock Lady and the Tramp
John Peter Pan
John Smith Pocahontas
Joshamee Gibbs Pirates
of the Caribbean
Judge Claude Frollo
Hunchback of Notre dame
Judge Doom Who Framed
Roger Rabbit
Jumba Lilo & Stitch
Kaa Jungle Book
Kala Tarzan
Kanga Winnie the Pooh
Kekata Pocahontas
Kenai Brother Bear
Kerchak Tarzan
Kiara The Lion King
King Eidilleg The Black
King Louie Jungle Book
Kirby Chicken Little
Kocoum Pocahontas
Koda Brother Bear
Kovu The Lion King
Kronk The Emperor's New
Kuzco The Emperor's
New Groove
Lady Kluck Robin Hood
Lady Lady and the Tramp
Lady Tremaine Cinderella
Lafayette Aristocats
Lampwick Pinocchio
Laverne The Hunchback
of Notre Dame
LeFou Beauty and the
Lefty Meet the Robinsons
Lewis Meet the Robinsons
Lightning McQueen Cars
Lilo Lilo & Stitch
Little John Robin Hood
Lon Pocahontas
Lucky 101 Dalmations
Lucky 101 Dalmations
Luigi Cars
Lumiere Beauty and the
Lumpy Winnie the Pooh

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