By Name
Disney Names M - R

Mack Cars
Mad Hatter Alice in
Madam Mim The Sword
and the Stone
Madame Adelaide
Bonfamille Aristocats
Magic Carpet Aladdin
Maid Marian Robin Hood
Maleficent Sleeping
Manny A Bug' Life
March Hare Alice in
Marie Aristocats
Marlin Finding Nemo
Mary Darling Peter Pan
Mary Poppins Mary
Mater Cars
Maurice Beauty and the
Max Goof Mickey Mouse
Meeko Pocahontas
Megara Hercules
Melvin Chicken Little
Merlin The Sword and theStone
Merryweather Sleeping
Michael Mary Poppins
Michael Peter Pan
Mickey Mouse Mickey
Mouse Universe
Mike Monsters Inc.
Minnie Mouse Mickey
Mouse Universe
Mirage The Incredibles
Mo Wall-E
Molt A Bug' LifeMonstro Pinocchio
Morcupine Porcupine Chicken Little
Mother Rabbit Robin Hood
Mr. Bile Monsters Inc.
Mr. Incredible The
Mr. Potatohead Toy Story
Mr. Waternoose
Mr. Woolensworth
Chicken Little
Mrs. Potatohead Toy
Mrs. Potts Beauty and
the Beast
Ms. Flint Monsters Inc.
Mufasa The Lion King
Muses Hercules
Nakoma Pocahontas
Nala The Lion King
Nani Lilo & Stitch
Nanny 101 Dalmations
Napoleon Aristocats
Needleman and Smitty
Monsters Inc.
Nemo Finding Nemo
Nessus Hercules
Nuka The Lion King

Octavius (Gus) Cinderella
Oddball 101 Dalmations
Otto Robin Hood
Owl Winnie the Pooh
P.T. Flea A Bug' Life
Pacha The Emperor's
New Groove
Pain Hercules
Panic Hercules
Patch 101 Dalmations
Peach Finding Nemo
Pegasus Hercules
Penny 101 Dalmations
Pepper 101 Dalmations
Peppo Aristocats
Percy Pocahontas
Perdita 101 Dalmations
Pete Mickey Mouse
Peter Pan Peter Pan
Phil Hercules
Piglet Winnie the Pooh
Pinocchio Pinocchio
Pintel Pirates of the
Pluto Mickey Mouse
Pocahontas Pocahontas
Pongo 101 Dalmations
Prince Charming
Prince Eric The Little
Prince John Robin Hood
Prince Philip Sleeping
Princess Atta A Bug' Life
Princess Jasmine Aladdin
Pumbaa The Lion King
Quasimodo The
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Queen Snow White
Queen of Hearts Alice in
Rabbit Winnie the Pooh
Rafiki The Lion King
Ragetti Pirates of the
Rajah Aladdin
Raksha The Jungle Book
Ramone Cars
Randall Monsters Inc.
Remy Ratatouille
Rex Toy Story
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Roger 101 Dalmations
Roger Rabbit Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
Rolly 101 Dalmations
Roo Winnie the Pooh
Roquefort Aristocats
Rosie A Bug' Life
Roz Monsters Inc.
Runt Chicken Little

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