By Name
Disney Names S - Z
Sally Carrera Cars
Sao Feng Pirates of the Caribbean
Sarabi The Lion King
Sarafina The Lion King
Sarge 101 Dalmations
Sarge Cars
Sarge Toy Story
Scar/Taka The Lion King
Scat Cat Aristocats
Scuttle The Little Mermaid
Sebastian The Little
Shenzi The Lion King
Shere Khan The Jungle
Sheriff Cars
Sheriff of Nottingham
Robin Hood
Shun Gon Aristocats
Si and Am Lady and the
Sid Toy Story
Simba The Lion King
Singing Frogs Meet the
Sir Ector The Sword and
the Stone
Sir Hiss Robin Hood
Sir Kay The Sword and
the Stone
Sis Robin Hood
Skippy Robin Hood
Sleepy Snow White
Slim A Bug' Life
Slinky Toy Story
Smee Peter Pan
Sneezy Snow White
Snow White Snow White
Spot 101 Dalmations
Stinky Pete the
Prospector Toy Story
Stitch Lilo & StitchStromboli Pinocchio
Sully Monsters Inc.
Syndrome The Incredibles

Tagalong Robin HoodTantor Tarzan
Taran The Black Cauldron
Tarzan Tarzan
Ted Betterhead Country
Terk Tarzan
The Coachman Pinocchio
The Lost Boys Peter Pan
The Magic Mirror Snow
The Prince Snow White
The Queen A Bug' Life
The Sultan Aladdin
The Three Caballeros
Mickey Mouse Universe
The Toon Patrol Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
Thimble Country Bears
Thomas O'Malley Duchess
Thomas Pocahontas
Tia Dalma Pirates of the
Tibbs 101 Dalmations
Tiger Lily Peter Pan
Tigger Winnie the Pooh
Timon The Lion King
Timothy Q. Mouse Dumbo
Tinker Bell Peter Pan
Tiny Meet the Robinsons
Toby Robin Hood
Toulouse Aristocats
Tramp Lady and the Tramp
Trigger & Nutsey Robin
Trusty Lady and the TrampTuck and Roll
A Bug' Life
Turkey Lurkey Chicken
Tweedle Dee Alice in
Tweedle Dum Alice in

Uncle Waldo Aristocats
Ursula The Little Mermaid
Victor The Hunchback of
Notre Dame
Violet The Incredibles
Vitani The Lion King
Wall-E Wall-E
Wart/Arthur The Sword
and the Stone
Wendy Peter Pan
Wheezy Toy Story
White Rabbit Alice in
Wiggins Pocahontas
Wilbur Robinson Meet the
Will Turner Pirates of the
Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh
Woody Toy Story
Yeti Monsters Inc.
Yzma The Emperor's New
Zazu The Lion King
Zeus Hercules
Zira The Lion King

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